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Welcome to Energenie, the right place to buy affordable, quality energy saving products for homes and business. Our products make your life and work more comfortable, we help you save money and the environment. From LED lamps and rechargeable batteries to paperless printers our product range is numerous, cleverly designed and benefiting all who use them!

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The Wi-Fi controlled power socket with Wi-Fi repeater. Helps you to extend existing Wi-Fi network, if the coverage is too weak, adding new hotspot. Gives you the power to turn on and off appliances using an Internet browser, iPhone, Android smartphone from anywhere, anytime. Socket can be programmed to be switched on or off due to an event (Windos OS only) or by timer schedule. . For example if you wish, your scanner can come on every time you open Photoshop or your printer can be switched on only when it receives a printing task. Data security is guaranteed by 64-bit encryption and IP filtering. EG-PMS2-LAN, WLAN is a perfect solution for alarm systems, saunas, aquariums. Provides user friendly software applications.